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Helping all ocean lovers start taking great photos below the surface.

 Do you love the underwater world? Wish you could take great photos below the surface?

You’ve come to the right place!

Hello fellow underwater lover!

I’m your Underwater Photography coach, Emma.

Underwater Photography is a unique hobby – you’re viewing incredible things from a different perspective, making it a special experience that you want to capture.

But getting started with Underwater Photography as a beginner can sometimes be overwhelming – the equipment, accessories, settings and in-water conditions can be challenging!

Never fear, I’m here to help make it easier for you to dive into this fantastic hobby!

Start Here!

Are you a beginner to Underwater Photography? Perhaps you have a compact camera or you’re thinking of buying one?

Stop scrolling through numerous sites trying to find all the answers and start with my Online Mini Course! 10 lessons of everything you need to know to orientate yourself with underwater photography when you first begin.

ONLY $59AUD for all 10 lessons (valued at $169AUD)!

Learn Underwater Photography from Anywhere In The World!

Online mini course


A great starting point for snorkelers, freedivers and scuba divers who want to start taking pictures underwater. Here are 10 lessons to get you started! You’ll learn about the basics of photography, underwater settings, equipment, lighting, shooting below the surface, and post-production techniques.

Private lessons


One-on-one lessons tailored to your questions and your equipment. These happen via Zoom, so you can get tailored advice from anywhere in the world.

perth workshops


For those who in the Perth, Western Australia, group workshops are available as scheduled on evenings and weekends.

Crave some company?

One of my favourite things about the underwater world is the community of awesome people that comes with it! Want to join?

Sign up for the Emmersion Underwater Photo Club! It’s completely free and you’ll receive underwater photo tips, event invitations and a link to the Emmersion Underwater Facebook Group (a knowledge-sharing, online community of like-minded, passionate underwater lovers) straight to your inbox!

Let us know your name, email address and where you are from, so we can send you tailored content.


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