• Rottnest Island, Western Australia

    One of my favourite things about diving in Western Australia is the stunning turquoise water, and the best place to see it is at Rottnest Island. Located 19kms off shore of Fremantle, Rottnest Island is an easy day trip. Ferry’s travel to an from all day, and once reaching the island you can easily walk …

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  • Okinawa, Japan

    Scuba diving in Japan ... sounded like such a strange idea when it was first mentioned to me! When I think of Japan I think of snow, huge cities, radiation, and sushi. Why would I want to go diving there?! When I received a phone call asking if I would like to travel to Okinawa [...] More  →
  • The Ammo Jetty, Western Australia

    How many people around the world can say they live in a place covered in shore diving sites that you can simply park your car, walk down the sand in to the water, and see things like sea horses, bull rays, lion fish, cuttlefish and so much more?!

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  • The Rowley Shoals, Western Australia

    The Rowley Shoals is one of those names you have heard thrown around but probably never really known what it’s all about. That could be because if you try and look for it on a map, it’s nearly invisible.

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