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One of my favourite things about the underwater world is how it brings together like-minded people for fun, unforgettable adventures. To see what’s coming up, keep reading below. If nothing is listed, keep an eye on this page or sign up below for the next event coming soon.

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Underwater Photography Pod
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Welcome to the Emmersion Underwater Photography Pod! This group is about bringing together like-minded people who appreciate underwater photography and wanting to learn or be inspired by others.

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Sweet as feedback

A*** A****
A*** A****
Did a private workshop with Emma today she is extremely knowledgeable and can explain concepts very well. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn about photography and its application underwater. Looking forward to taking some good photos on my trip up to Exmouth :-)
Alex Brown
Alex Brown
Been on several dives with Emma and her accompanying photographic equipment. Be it macro and wide angled lens, she doesn’t disappoint with stunning photos. When teaching she is very patient and helpful. Get on one of her courses and learn to maximise your quantity of quality photos in what is always a limited dive time!
Becca Gibbons
Becca Gibbons
Did the Underwater photography basics with Emma and it was amazing! She caters to everyone’s knowledge and interests, and is the best with helping me decide what gear works best for me! I still go to her for advice all the time for everything underwater and photography related - 100% recommend doing her workshops if you’re interested in getting into underwater photog!